ALESCE Magazine is an annual publication of stories, creative works and thoughts that share a new perspective on faith and life, and what it means to be a Christian woman in today’s modern society. The magazine aims to show how faith and life intertwine more than we realise and to illustrate that to truly live well and passionately is to live in Christ.


co.ALESCE is a place for women to come together to connect. Our co.ALESCE gatherings range from intimate themed conversations over meals to big forums where we invite inspiring women to share their experiences. co.ALESCE aims to show how this journey of life and faith is not meant to be done alone, and to allow us to invest into bigger conversations and hear different perspectives as we experience life with other women.


co.LAB is a platform where women can all be a part of something bigger. Whether it is through collaborations with other brands and organisations, or opening up platforms for women to come together and create, the aim of co.LAB is to make a difference and to simply give back.