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A Look Into the Babel Issue

Take an inside look at the Babel Issue with our founder Natalie as she explores the stories of success and failures, hopes of new dreams and dreams forgotten, and the issues in life and the world beyond. She shares her favourites from the issue and the story behind the name.

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The Days of Our Unremarkable Lives

During this slow, mundane period, it is necessary to find things that can lift your spirits, lest you get lulled into negativity. For inspiration, ALESCE writer Nikki asked some friends living around the world to share photos documenting the random things that bring them joy.

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Partnerships: The Romance of Life

We’ve been taught and brought up in a society that chants the mantra of conditions and transactions. But not everything in life needs to look like that. Vanessa discovers how our partnerships with the people closest to us can be relational, instead of transactional.

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‘Cause Mothers Know Best

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we challenge three of our ALESCE friends and readers to a challenge: to do something their mom has always done well. If anything at all, this challenge proves that mothers truly know best…

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5 Productivity Tips To Get You Through This “New Normal”

Working and studying from home is no easy feat for anyone, and many of us are all stuck in this same boat during this Covid-19 season. Having worked from home since the middle of last year, Natalie shares her top 5 productivity tips that have helped her conquer this season and a few thoughts about the Covid-19 epidemic.

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What Failures Really Mean

A touristy visit to the Vasamuseet in Stockholm, Sweden, became a catalyst to learn a valuable life lesson. Vanessa shares her journey about overcoming the biggest failures in her life, and what she has learnt along the way. Are failures, really, all that bad?

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A Walk In Your Shoes: An Exhibition

What will it be like to walk in the shoes of the guest worker community? Perhaps we aren’t too different after all. Natalie shares what went on at the launch ceremony of A Walk In Your Shoes Exhibition.

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A Little More About A Migrant Walk

Natalie shares her thoughts on growing up being familiar to the migrant worker community around her. Learn more about our upcoming event in partnership with Migrant X Me, A Migrant Walk, too!

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