7 New Activities To Tick Off Your Stay-Home To-Do List


While this stay-home season has been a dream come true for a homebody like me, things have started to become repetitive. There are only so many workouts I can do, and so many shows to binge on. It seems like we’ll still be spending quite some time at home – here are seven activities to spend your time on this season:

1) Clean Your Room

It’s a tradition for me to have an annual room clean-up , especially with the piles of items I’ve accumulated over the year, some of which I no longer have any use for. Now that we’ve more time on our hands thanks to the Circuit Breaker, this is the perfect opportunity to do some spring cleaning! No more excuses for not having enough time! After all, the place where we begin and end our day deserves some love. I strongly believe in the saying that the state of your room is a reflection of your mental state. It is in the tidying up that I get to organise my thoughts, which in turn also creates a conducive living space that I’m proud to inhabit. 

That said, I understand that cleaning your whole room may seem like a daunting task as it was for me. One method that helped me a lot would be to break your room up into sections (e.g. wardrobe, bookshelves, study table, etc.), and spend a day cleaning each section. Trust me when I say that the end results will leave you satisfied and fulfilled.

2) Send Mail To Your Friends

Receiving letters in your mailbox from a loved one out of the blue is always a pleasant surprise. Take some time to pen down a letter to a friend or family member to tell them how much they mean to you. Send a compliment today with our Inspire Postcard Set! Don’t forget to seal it with a sticker from the ALESCE Sticker Sheet. To take things a notch higher, organise a swap box exchange with your gal pals and fill it with items such as your favourite book to keep each other occupied during this period.

3) Create a Happy Playlist

As someone who struggles with productivity at home, the Circuit Breaker period posed a strong challenge for me when it came to getting work done. However, one thing that helped make things better was creating a playlist filled with some of my favourite tunes to accompany me as I go about my daily tasks. Be it a song from your childhood, or one that gets you singing along, string them all together in a playlist and you’re good to go! 

*Psst, one song I’ve been listening to a lot lately is ‘Sometimes’ by Kodaline.. What’s yours?

4) Solve a Puzzle

In the age of technology and social media, we spend a huge part of our day with our eyes glued to screens. I recently found boxes of jigsaw puzzles lying around at home and decided to solve them during my pockets of free time, which I later found to be a good stress reliever while getting in some of that brain exercise. Gather your family members and fix a puzzle together, and if you have a 1000-piece puzzle lying around at home, it’ll make a challenging but fun family-bonding activity!

5) Hone Your Creativity Through Art

Looking for a creative outlet? Gather your art supplies and let your imagination flow! Set aside some uninterrupted time to explore different forms of art, from brush-lettering to watercolour painting, and the list goes on. The possibilities are endless when it comes to art, and it’s up to you to create pieces that you can decorate your room with or give to a friend.

If you don’t know where to get started, you can use Agape Scripts’ free downloadable calligraphy practice paper. All you need is a simple brush pen and you’re on your way to learning this new skill.

On top of the free calligraphy practice paper, Agape Scripts is also offering 10% off any custom pieces for all ALESCE readers. If art is not your thing but you’d love to add some new elements to your house or bless a friend during these trying times, quote <AGAPEXALESCE> to enjoy this exclusive!

(Source: @agapescripts.co)

6) Play Online Games With Friends

I think most of us have turned to Skribbl.io during this period of time, myself included. Online games have no doubt allowed us to bond and remain connected with our friends despite not being able to see each other during this period of time. If you’re running out of online games to play, here’s a list of online board games for you and your friends to try your hand at! 

7) Take It Slow With Embroidery

For many of us, this isolation season has been one of rest and learning how to take things slow. There’s no better way to take things slow than with a needle and thread! With these everyday materials, you can easily create many beautiful patterns and designs! Spice up your basic pouches and clothing with embroidered flowers, animals, or your favourite quotes.

If you’ve never tried embroidery before, we’ve got just the thing for you! Isabel Lim Designs have created the perfect DIY Embroidery Kit for any embroidery beginner. It has all you need to start embroidering, including PDF instructions and even an instructional video! Shop it here

(Source: @isabellimdesigns)

This period of doing life from home has allowed me to rest and appreciate the little things. We’re often in search of the next “big” or “in” thing in this ever-changing world, and while it isn’t all that bad, I’ve found myself losing sight of the joy in the things that make me happy. Be it something as small as waking up early to catch the sunrise, or completing a jigsaw puzzle, it is when I took the time to relish in these little things that I found myself in a posture of selah – to pause and realign. 

If you’re struggling with finding joy in the ordinary, my challenge to you is to spend some unhurried time soaking in the present. It is in this unhurried time that you’ll start to catch a glimpse of all these small things that make life beautiful. Hang in there! You’ve got this.

Credits: Feature Image via Pinterest. Cropped from original.

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