A Little More About A Migrant Walk


I’ve grown up in Singapore being very familiar with the migrant worker community around. When I say familiar, I mean that I often see them around my neighbourhood while they work tirelessly in the sun and I see them on Sundays as they take their day off. I smile at them and try my best to thank them for their work… occasionally. I am familiar with them and I know they are a big part of our life in Singapore.

Growing up, I’ve learnt and have come to see the importance this migrant community play in the Singapore society, but at the same time, I haven’t done much about it. I know that without this community, Singapore will not be where we are today. While they are a big part of Singapore, they are still very much separated from society – separated from us.

When thinking about the theme for our second issue, Babel, I knew right from the start that I wanted to work with Migrant X Me. Founded by a dear friend, Isabel, Migrant X Me is a social enterprise that provides public education on the migrant worker community in Singapore through experiential programmes, workshops, and learning journeys. The team behind Migrant X Me conducts frequent workshops, learning journeys, and experiential walks that shed new perspectives on and expose guests to the migrant worker community.

To me, the theme Babel lightly broadens up to topics such as culture, race, and languages. The story of Babel in itself shares of how these languages came to be and how we are all different and distinct. It is in the different tongues and cultures that we are brought up in that often segregate us further in this one shared community. We may exist and live together in Singapore, but these differences tear us apart even more.

As an introduction to our second theme, Babel, we invite you to join the ALESCE team on an experiential walk conducted by Migrant X Me. This walk will bring you through the common spaces that we share with the migrant worker community in Singapore, affording you a glimpse of what a migrant worker’s life is like. You’ll have the opportunity to listen to NGOs who lend support to disadvantaged workers and to speak with the workers themselves! You can expect to gain a bird’s eye view and an intimate lens of a migrant worker’s experience in Singapore and learn more about the prejudices that permeate through our society.

It’s going to be an intimate and cosy session that the team here at ALESCE is so excited for, and we can’t wait to see you there! We’ve heard so many great things about Migrant X Me’s experiential walks and programmes, and we look forward to experience this for ourselves too.

For $45 (Adult) / $35 (Student), you’ll be able to enjoy a guided walk by trained facilitators, an exclusively-designed starter pack, and food tasting of the food that the migrant worker community often enjoy and eat. 5% of the proceeds will also be channeled to Migrant X Me’s partner NGO (SG Care) to support the ezlink card top-ups of injured workers.

Invite your friends and join the ALESCE team for a simple educational evening as your perspectives are challenged and refreshed. Click here to register now or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding the walk. Visit Migrant X Me’s website here to learn more about the work that they do too!

We hope to see you there!

About the author

Natalie Hanna Tan

Natalie Hanna Tan

Natalie is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of ALESCE. She enjoys telling stories through words and is a lover of good conversations, poetry, and all things pastel.

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