A Peek Into Our Spaces

Peek Into Our Spaces

The ALESCE Team gives you a sneak peek into our current workspaces during this season and what their spaces mean to them.

Working from home is a relatively new concept for most of us, who spend our weekdays in offices and classrooms. The one-ish metre of space we have around us is highly personal – decorated with polaroids, notes, and our favourite items. Now that this space has been brought back to our homes, work and rest have collapsed into the same four walls. The ALESCE Team gives us a peak into their work-from-home spaces, and what it means for them

Amanda, Creative Director

“I don’t need much when I study and work. All I need is my trusty notebook, my pencil case and a cup of fruit-infused iced tea to keep me refreshed and going!”

Andrea, Business Development Manager

“On my table, I have an essential oil diffuser. I like to diffuse lavender or peppermint oil as aromatherapy. I also have a cup containing all the pens that I use to decorate my notes so that it’s all within easy reach instead of having to fumble through my pencil case.”

Joy, Content Editor

“My work area is rather spartan and decoration-free because there has been a lot of movement going on in my life. I recently moved back from the United States, and on regular days I shuttle between home and hall. Thus I tend to only keep my essentials on whichever desk I’m using. I’m a water-guzzler, so my water tumbler is the most important thing on my work desk after my laptop. I also have plenty of post-its and notepads in reach for me to scribble down tasks so I don’t forget! Having a speaker really helps in livening up the atmosphere, playing chill tunes and keeping my company when I’m working late into the night. Currently working on a project – excuse the messy cables!” 

Natalie, Founder and Editor-In-Chief

“On both neat and messy table days, I’ve got these few essentials within arm’s reach: room scents and candles to liven the mood, my 2020 planner where I keep everything in from daily plans to work schedules and to-do lists, and my trusty tumbler for my favourite iced teas. And of course, I’ve got my golden rack at the side to put everything ALESCE in: ALESCE magazines and postcards, invoices and letters, and random scraps of papers for when I jot down ideas and plans. While I don’t work on this space every single day (I love working in my living room too), having this personal space for myself during this season helps to get me into the right headspace as I work, and it’s definitely something to keep looking forward to every morning.”

This season looks different for everyone, and it’s okay if your work area doesn’t look “pretty” or “aesthetic”. I’m a strong believer that you’re more productive if you like the space you’re in. This could mean simple steps, such as making a cup of tea and having it next to you while you work. Remember, the space that matters most is your mental headspace, and if decluttering your desk or moving your work area somewhere else makes you feel better – do it!

Keep your eyes peeled for our work-from-home desk giveaway coming up in the next few days on our Instagram! See you there!

About the author

Joy Ou

Joy Ou

Joy is the content editor of ALESCE.

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