ALESCE Launch Party Highlights

After 1.5 years of dreaming, planning, and hard work, we have OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED! To celebrate this milestone, we held our launch party at Amber Ember on 19th January 2019. We brought together a couple of our fellow lady bosses and their brands for our first ALESCE art market, had an amazing spread of food from Amber Ember, and created space for new conversations and for us to get to know you better.

The day began with registration where our lovely editorial team volunteers greeted everyone with bright smiles and your all-access tickets. We’d also launched our range of merchandise on that day — we’ve got exclusively designed ALESCE tote bags (in white and black) and our sticker pack! You can still shop our merchandise here on our store.

After registration, guests were then led into the bustling art market where they are met with the various booths and companies. We’re so thankful to have met and gotten to know all these beautiful companies and the teams behind them — we support what they do and it was amazing bringing everyone to one place.

While some booths sold their products, some even had mini experiences prepared for our guests! Addictive Bakes had a DIY cupcake station where you could decorate and pipe your own cupcake. Guests were able to learn piping techniques from ladyboss Joanna of Addictive Bakes as well – what a treat. At the corner of the room, we also had a floral bloom bar from our dear friends from Floraascent where guests could pick out their own floral stalks and create their own bouquets. ES Blessing, a social enterprise that partners with HCSA Dayspring to provide financial and operational support to single mothers, had set up their Nodspark nail bar. And finally, the ALESCE team collaborated with Pecks of Paper to write and calligraph personalised poetry for each of our guests.

Midway through the celebrations, Natalie, the founder of ALESCE, made a little speech to share the journey of ALESCE thus far. We were so happy to see so many of you turn up that night and we couldn’t have been happier to launch ALESCE with such a crowd.

From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to thank everyone for taking time out to spend your day with us at our launch party. It was fun meeting all of you and getting to know everyone that bit more. We hope that this is the start of something new as we journey on together!

If you’ve missed our launch party, you can be sure to catch up on everything with launch highlight video:

Shop our Origins Issue here or stay tuned to the latest events and happenings that we’ve got coming your way very soon here! Till next time.

A big thank you to the following partners, sponsors, and collaborators for your love and support —

Venue: Amber Ember Singapore
Art Market: Double Chin, Ears Of A Fox, Mama Yeo & Co, Paradigm Shift Label, Woven by Emma, Edify, The Brave Assembly, Pecks of Paper, Sow, Apostello, Addictive Bakes, Floraascent, E&S Blessing
Video: Charmaine Joy Khor (@hard_khor)
Video Music:
1. Cool Indie Pop Song by Royalty Free Music
2. Dreams by Nuages

And, of course, a huge thank you too to the wonderful ALESCE team and volunteers that have helped out and made the event such a success. Cheers to more fun times ahead! 

About the author

Joy Ou

Joy Ou

Joy is the content editor of ALESCE.

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