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When a problem crops up at home, hearing cries of “Mom, mom!” is probably commonplace for most families. But more than being the go-to for all things around the house, mothers are the first female role model their children will have.

For girls and young women just starting to gain their footing in the world, the impact of a mother’s role has gone beyond getting help with homework or a hearty, home-cooked meal; the investment a mother makes will prepare and shape them to be great women and even moms who will go on to impact more lives.

This Mother’s Day, we challenged three readers to spend some time reflecting on their relationship with their mothers while learning a new skill from mum. Zhiyi, Vivien and Stacy have been watching their moms sew, bake and paint – Zhiyi and Stacy both manage their mum’s creative home businesses too! – but have never tried it for themselves. And with Singapore being in a season of isolation this month, there’s no better opportunity for a mother-daughter activity!

While our three readers had unique stories of their moms to share, one thing rang true for them: their mother’s presence made all the difference. For Stacy, having her mom’s company got her through some of her toughest times – even if it was just binge-watching Korean dramas together. “It wasn’t so much that the (drama) series was great, but it was a time of healing that I needed and my mom was there to help me in the way she knew how.”

If there’s anything these three mothers have taught us, it is that family comes before self. For Vivien’s mom, she had to put her passion for cooking at baking on hold till her daughter was old enough to take care of herself. Motherhood is no doubt a tough journey with many ups and downs but every minute is worth the effort. As Zhiyi’s mom Siew Luan puts it: “Motherhood is a long process. You don’t have to be a perfect mother; just enjoy the children God has given you.”

And if mothers know best, then perhaps Stacy’s mom has some valuable advice for daughters who desire a deeper bond with their mothers.

“Make time,” says Jorina. “If you crave a closer relationship with your mum, you have to make time for her.”

Check out how our three readers fared on their activity and learn more about each mother-daughter duo!

Watch: Sewing headbands with Mom | Baking banana bread with Mom | Acrylic Pour with Mom

Q&A: Zhiyi and Mom Siew Luan | Vivien and Mom June | Stacy and Mom Jorina

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Michelle Leong

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