ALESCE Magazine: Babel Issue


The story of Babel in the Bible represents the futility of man’s efforts and our disobedience to God. The tower unbuilt and undone is a symbol of our sinful nature and is a reminder of the mistakes of the past. Yet, this shows that there is much strength when a group of people come together bonded with the same goal in mind; in the story of Babel, it is this very unity that led to their downfall. They wanted to reach God on their own terms and they failed.

To remember Babel is to learn from these mistakes of the past. It is to see how there is power when people come together for good instead of bad, with one purpose and heart to love God. It is to realise that God’s plans and ways are higher than our man-made lives. It is to remember that God is bigger and that He is sovereign above all.

In this issue, we invite you along as we explore stories of success and failures, hopes of new dreams and dreams forgotten, issues around the world from beyond where we stand, and the hurts and joys of communities.

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Size: 19.5cm x 26.5cm
Page Count: 72 pages
*This magazine includes tactile elements within its pages. 


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